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Camp Roberts and Hunter-Liggett, ... stock footage and images

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U.S. Army 1st & 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiments training in California during World War II.

Originating at Fort Ord the U.S. Army Filipino Infantry regiments moved their training to Camp Roberts and Hunter-Liggett, California during World War 2. Different scenes of life in garrison and in the field. Tents are lined up in "tent city." Commander of 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment, Colonel Robert H Offley with members of his staff in front of their Headquarters building. Regimental Band plays on the field at Camp Hunter-Liggett. Mountains are in the background. Headquarters of 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment at Camp Cooke. Its Commander, Colonel Charles L. Clifford in a jeep. Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Jaime Velasquez, formerly on General MacArthur's staff, seen giving a tactical briefing in the field. A sign reads "Guard House, 2nd Filipino Infantry." Soldiers learning to operate radio. Troops indulge in recreational activities such as cipa and yo-yo. Roasting pigs (lechons) for special occasions. Color guard on the field. Select 2nd Filipino Infantry soldiers receive bolo knives. Troops charging with bolos! "ON TO BATAAN!"

Date: 1943
Duration: 4 min 39 sec
Sound: Yes
Color: Monochrome
Clip Type: Edited
Language: English