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Camp Roberts and Hunter-Liggett, ... stock footage and images

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U.S. Army 1st & 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiments training in California during World War II.

Originating at Fort Ord the U.S. Army Filipino Infantry regiments moved their training to Camp Roberts and Hunter-Liggett, California during World War 2. Different scenes of life in garrison and in the field. Tents are lined up in "tent city." Commander of 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment, Colonel Robert H Offley with members of his staff in front of their Headquarters building. Regimental Band plays on the field at Camp Hunter-Liggett. Mountains are in the background. Headquarters of 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment at Camp Cooke. Its Commander, Colonel Charles L. Clifford in a jeep. Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Jaime Velasquez, formerly on General MacArthur's staff, seen giving a tactical briefing in the field. A sign reads "Guard House, 2nd Filipino Infantry." Soldiers learning to operate radio. Troops indulge in recreational activities such as cipa and yo-yo. Roasting pigs (lechons) for special occasions. Color guard on the field. Select 2nd Filipino Infantry soldiers receive bolo knives. Troops charging with bolos! "ON TO BATAAN!"

Date: 1943
Duration: 4 min 39 sec
Sound: Yes
Color: Monochrome
Clip Type: Edited
Language: English
Celebrities attend Invitational Premier of the film "The Chalk Garden."

In opening scene, photographers take pictures as Ernest Borgnine kisses Ethyl Merman, at the premier of the Ross Hunter film, "The Chalk Garden." Next, Joan Blondell is seen with her escort. Then, Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, enter, smiling and conversing with others. They are followed by Hedy Lammar, in sparkling dress. Seen momentarily, Behind her (wearing glasses) is husband, Lewis J. Boies. Lamarr poses and smiles for photographers. Shirley Jones, arrives and then poses in front of the sign announcing the "Invitational Premier of Ross Hunter's Chalk Garden." Jacque Mapes, Jane Powell, and Nancy Sinatra, are escorted by Ross Hunter. They pose for cameramen. Ross Hunter holds some still photos and Mitzie Gaynor is seen holding one. Robert Cummings and his wife arrive at the premier.

Date: 1964, May 28
Duration: 1 min 12 sec
Sound: No
Color: Monochrome
Clip Type: Unedited
Language: None