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British LST reaches Salerno Beach in Salerno, Italy. Winston Churchill's son, Randolph Churchill, aboard ship.

Salerno Beach in Salerno, Italy. Views of trucks and British troops on a Landing Ship Tank (LST), men looking from the deck sides. Ship reaches the beach at Salerno. Enemy tracer bullets visible at night. British Supermarine Spitfire aircraft flying overhead. View of the LST2 captain, John P. Horgan, together with Randolph Churchill (Major Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer Churchill), son of Winston Churchill. Randolph Churchill observes the action through binoculars while smoking a cigarette and talking to the LST captain. On deck of a ship view of a German Prisoner of War and an American soldier playing chess and several other soldiers, some American and some British, standing by watching. U.S. military guards with German POWs on the beaches at Salerno.

Date: 1943, October 28
Duration: 3 min 10 sec
Sound: No
Color: Monochrome
Clip Type: Unedited
Language: None